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Community Service Hours

The Gratitude Crew has paired up with the Pima County Attorney's Office Diversion Unit (for teens and young adults) to provide opportunities for Community Service Hours.

PCAO’s Diversion programs divert both youth and adults out of the criminal justice system, while still holding each person accountable for the harms caused to the community and the victims. The adult diversion program is comprised of 12 separate diversion entities that address various misdemeanor and felony offenses, whereas the youth program focuses primarily on those accused of misdemeanor offenses. Each entity provides the individual with a set of requirements that must be met to complete the program successfully. These requirements provide the person with the tools, education, and resources needed to repair the harm caused by their offense and grow as an individual. PCAO partners with several organizations throughout Pima County to achieve this rehabilitative approach.

For more information on this program, please contact:

 Jordanna Carvalho at

 Susan Duncan by email at or 
using the Contact page

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